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The different types of wedding films and the role of the videographer

Learn about the different types of wedding films and the important role the videographer plays in capturing the most precious moments of your big day.

The traditional style

The chronological film by definition

The traditional wedding film is a type of film that follows a linear flow of the day, recording key moments such as the ceremony, cocktail party, dinner and evening in chronological order. It is usually accompanied by background music and recorded speeches.

The cinematic style

Create a stunning story

The cinematic wedding film is a type of film that has a more artistic and cinematic approach to the day. It uses more sophisticated filming and editing techniques to create a visually stunning story. It is often accompanied by film music and voiceovers.

The documentary style

Real & authentic moments

The documentary wedding film The documentary wedding film is a type of film that focuses on the real and authentic moments of the day, recording spontaneous moments and natural emotions. It is usually accompanied by minimal background music and voiceover.

The clip-on style

No voice-over

A wedding video is a short, quickly edited film that showcases the highlights of your wedding day. It is typically 3-5 minutes in length and is designed to be shared easily online and on social media. The wedding video emphasizes visual aesthetics and emotion, with a dynamic and creative presentation style.

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