Wedding photographer during a couple session at Domaine de la Bouriette

You are looking for a wedding photographer: Am I the right person?

The choice of the wedding photographer must be thoughtful. Indeed, several criteria are to be taken into account. By the way, a little remark...

Have you thought about hiring a wedding videographer to make your wedding film


A wedding photographer : a photographic style

Make sure the photographer's style of photography matches what you are looking for. For my part, I'm particularly fond of warm tones (I think you'll have noticed 😉 ). With that in mind, I always recommend a couple session at golden hour. For some time now, I've also been offering my brides and grooms a night session to take advantage of the lighting (if the wedding area allows it). The result is often canon 😍.


Does your wedding photographer have good references?

They are very important. The feedback of other couples is essential. By the way, I invite you to have a look at my google reviews and if you have any question, don "t hesitate to contact me.


The feeling with your wedding photographer: have you thought about it?

My opinion? This is the most important criterion. That's why I always suggest an exchange or a meeting before sending the quote. Never sign without having exchanged with your future photographer 😉 Why? This allows us to get to know each other. During this little exchange, you can teach me a little more about you on your day. On my side, I explain you my way of working and thee explain my way of working and we see if the current passes. And then, if you want to check if the current really passes, think of booking a couple session or a family reportage.


By taking these things into account, you should be able to make an informed choice to determine if I'm the photographer for you 🤙.  


  • Let's get to know each other 
  • Reportage of the preparations until the first dance
  • Couple sessions (Golden Hour & evening)
  • Retouching pack of 500 photos minimum
    (Selection / Colorimetry)
  • Online Gallery


  • Fabric photo album 25*25 / 50 pages
  • Additional photo print (A4 size)
  • Service encadrement
  • Couple session / classic engagement session (200€) / love escapade (on estimate)
  • USB box
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