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How to choose a wedding photographer: My tips for finding the best one. 

Choosing a wedding photographer is a crucial step in the organization of your big day. It is important to find a photographer who will be able to capture the most precious moments of your wedding, while respecting your expectations and your budget. Here are my tips for choosing the best wedding photographer. By the way, have youhave you thought about hiring a wedding videographer to make your wedding movie?

Define your style and expectations

Before you start looking for a wedding photographer, it is important to define the style of photos you want and your expectations for the big day. Do you prefer posed or spontaneous photos? Do you have specific ideas for poses or settings? I am particularly fond of warm tones & spontaneous photos. For this purpose, I always recommend a couple session at golden hour. Now, I also offer my brides and grooms a night session to take advantage of the lighting (if the wedding area allows it). The result is always great.

Does the wedding photographer have good references?

Start looking for photographers who offer the style of photos you are looking for. Check out their portfolios to see their past accomplishments and make sure they have experience in weddings. The experience of other couples should be paramount in your choice. Don't hesitate to browse through the reviews. In fact, I invite you to take a look at my google reviews. 

The feeling with your wedding photographer

This is the most important criteria. Besides, I always propose an exchange or a meeting before sending the estimate. Never sign without having exchanged with your future photographer. During this small exchange, you can say a little more about you, your desires & your day. On my side, I take the opportunity to explain how I proceed. Plan a couple session or engagement session is also a good way to get to know each other🤙.

A wedding photographer that fits your budget

Budget is an important element in choosing a wedding photographer. Make sure you know the rates of the different photographers you have met and choose. You will find my rates at the bottom of this page.


  • Let's get to know each other 
  • Reportage of the preparations until the first dance
  • Couple sessions (Golden Hour & evening)
  • Retouching photo pack
  • Online Gallery
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