Couple session in a dream spot

The love escapade

An adventure in a dream spot for your couple session

The pre-wedding commitment session: Why?

The couple session is an important step in the preparation of the wedding because it will allow us to "break the ice " and especially it will allow you to be more comfortable in front of the camera on the big day.

Now you've taken the plunge: you've decided to get married. Congratulations 🥂

  • You have just chosen me as your wedding photographer or videographer. A small drawback: the camera lens is far from being your best friend and you dread the moment when you have to walk in front of it...
  • Alternatively : vou are still hesitating and want to be sure that my style suits you.
The concept of the love escapade

In a word: FUN

You will have understood it, the love escapade is not a classic couple session... It "breaks the codes"...

I suggest you to escape for half a day or more, just to get some fresh air, to breathe and to take a break in the middle of the preparation rush...

Have you "heard" that this type of session requires preparation? No stress. Come with a light mind: I will take care of everything...

For the winter session:
As far as clothing is concerned, I just recommend the traditional 3 layers to avoid being cold and especially waterproof boots.

For the spring session spring session:
To access the beach you can see in the photos, take hiking boots as the trail is rocky. Dress lightly. Take a small backpack with a towel, sunscreen and a swimsuit 😉.

One of the main purposes of this "photographic adventure" is to to help you forget the camera. For that, trust me. We eat together, we exchange, we walk ... in short we spend a fun time that you can live and relive through your photos / your wedding film
In short, relax and let yourself be carried ... I will be your guide in one of my favorite spots that I know by heart ♥️ for having crisscrossed during all periods of the year. 

The best time for these adventures

For the year 2023, five slots will be available: one each month (preferably on Saturdays). You could take advantage of this to have a little romantic weekend 🥰.

Of course, for the winter session: the best period is in January/February to early March. 

For the spring session, you will have guessed that the best period would be in May.

In short, if you like mountains 🏔, wild beaches and walks then you are at the right place
Everything is possible

You want a photo report & a wedding film ? No problem, I work in duo if necessary and I love it...You have found a nice B&B and you would like to take some pictures...Very good idea. I can even advise you, some places where you can stay, adapted to your budget. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me so that we can exchange around this session. I will send you, afterwards, a detailed planning of the day ....
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