wedding videographer


Wedding videographer is a job that requires many skills and technical know-how in different areas. You may be curious to know the number of jobs that are hidden behind these two words. Here are some of the hats a wedding videographer can wear.

wedding videographer

Wedding videographer // The cameraman

The wedding videographer must master several cameras to capture the images. I love to switch between my fixed camera, my mobile "run and gun" camera or my drone. In fact, I am a professional drone pilot. I am a graduate of the drone up academy. So my drone can take off from just about anywhere 😉.


Tips: On some weddings, you may want drone shots of your ceremony, of your church exit... As I can't be in the sky & on earth at the same time 😉 , I sometimes call upon a partner for aerial views : Florian.

The sound technician

For your wedding film to be of high quality, the wedding videographer must have skills in recording and mixing audio to capture the music, speeches and voices of the day. That's why I use lapel mics for the vows, an H1 zoom that I plug directly into the DJ table for the speeches and of course another Canon type mic for the ambient sounds 🤙


wedding photographer toulouse
Wedding videographer toulouse

The director of photography

The wedding videographer must have lighting skills to create a visual ambiance for each important moment of the day. Good news 😉 I am also a photographer...

The video editor

I love this part so much...

In a wedding film , the story is told several times: during the shooting, of course, but especially during the video editing. From my point of view, these two steps are inseparable. It is impossible for me to consider my post-production without having attended the event... Editing a wedding film is not only the association of images and music... you must also be able to transcribe the atmosphere to create an authentic, aesthetic and moving video.

photo report of Angadrème & Maxime's wedding at Domaine de Montireau

In summary, being a wedding videographer is a job that requires creativity, technique, organization and rigor, as well as the ability to work in a team and communicate effectively with the bride and groom and other wedding providers.

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