Couple session during a wedding at the Barthas domain
Wedding at the Villa Cavalerie
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Since I was a little girl, I have been passionate about images. A classic in this profession 😏 you'll tell me... 
I remember filing my films in countless directories. But why were there so many of them?
Simply because I classified them according to several criteria:
- according to gender.
- by alphabetical letters.
- by directors.

Emeline caudesaygues - Wedding photographer & videographer during a wedding at the Château de la Baronnie
Photo credit: Le Lapin Jaune Photographies

I was fascinated by both the quality of the photography and the story. I have always been more attracted to the directors (Jonathan Demme, Ridley Scott, Dany Boyle, Darren Aronofsky) than to the (very talented) actors. Without these "behind the scenes" people, there would be no stories...and you'll understand, I like stories 😉. From now on, you'll understand why I attach so much importance to the story behind the image in photo reportage as in wedding film.

By accompanying my brides and grooms throughout the day, I promise them that I will be able to relive the story of their wedding with all the highlights that make this day unique and great.

As a photographer & videographer, my greatest pleasure "lies" in the art of storytelling. 
To achieve this, I use the power of images. What I like most of all are authentic & sincere stories. I have to admit: authenticity is definitely one of the values I value most in our society.
To tell a story, to tell your story: I pay attention to all the little details and I take the time to give you a unique and authentic memory.
Photo report from an engagement session in the Pyrenees
Although I specialise in weddings, I can also accompany you during all the important moments of your life. I also do family sessions, christenings etc... So, if you are looking for a photographer or videographer who will be able to perfectly capture your day, let's embark on your adventure and write together the story of the most beautiful moments of your life.
 I am already looking forward to meeting you...